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We are a group of professionals who have started Alpha Omega’s Group companies to provide ‘End-to-end’ services to our clients to achieve their business goals. Alpha is a Greek word which means ‘Beginning’ and Omega means ‘End’. We provide ‘one-stop solution’ to our clients. AO Solutions Private Limited (Business Coaching in South India), HUARC HR Solutions Private Limited (Manpower), Raraku Learning Solutions Private Limited (Learning & Development), Orgro Private Limited (Organisational Development), Aibex Guru Management Consultant Private Limited (Business Coaching in North India), Aluna Productions Private Limited (Media & Branding), Professo Corporate Service Private Limited (Facility & Security Management), Harrett Leadership Search Solutions Private Limited (Leadership Search), Alpha Omega Publications (including E-books, E-magazines) , Alpha Omega’s Centre for Counseling and Psychotherapy (Non-profit Organisation), and AI Labs Experts (Artificial Intelligence Research Centre).

AO Group’s USP is to deliver ‘Business Results’. We would like differentiate from other consultants by billing for the results that deliver, not manhours that we’ve put in. Every business focuses on delivering business results like in Asthra Digimark, which focuses on Digital Marketing, we provide verified leads. In Orgro, professional charges are based on business results delivered. In AO Solutions and Aibex Guru, which focus on Business coaching, of course, business results are delivered. In Huarc, which focuses on Recruitment business, we reduce invaluable time of senior team in interviewing multiple candidates for a position, we screen the candidate through multiple levels of interviews and psychometric assessment. We provide shortlisted candidates, not profiles. In Raraku, which focuses on Training, almost all the programs are aligned to give ROI (Return On Investment).

Our motto is to ‘Leave a legacy’. Legacy that ‘sincere effort with right strategy and resources, anyone can grow their businesses’. Legacy that ‘working together creates greater synergy which propels higher growth’. Legacy that ‘all professionals have roles in contributing their services for the growth of smaller businesses’.

Founder Director & Business Coach
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Mr Karthikeyan
Managing Director
Career Tree HR Solutions Pvt Ltd

Mr Baskaran V
Managing Director
Suba Plastics Pvt Ltd

Mr Rajendran Ramaswamy
Managing Partner
AR Group

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